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Faces are my passion. When I walk down a crowded street I can't help but stare at faces. As soon as an interesting face catches my eye, I start to imagine how I would capture that person on canvas—how I would tell her or his story in bold strokes of color and emotion. 
My paintings are intended to embody the inner pride, strength and confidence of my subjects. I always strive to achieve as close a resemblance to my subject as I can, while also trying to add creative nuance to every painting. I use bold colors, broad strokes, texture, and varying degrees of development within each composition. I love realism, yet I want the viewers to know they are looking at a painting.
In all my work, my goals are the same—to draw viewers in, evoke emotion, create a mood, inspire imagination, and ultimately tell a story.


Years ago, I found an envelope of four tattered black and white photos that my niece Bethany took with a camera, mirrors and a lamp. I was so intrigued by these small blurry photos I decided to paint them, each in a different color palette.
These paintings are my interpretations of what I saw in those four small tatted black and white photos.
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